About me

Apollonia Lizewicz

They talk about me renaissance woman, a woman not obvious though not of this world, not the reality. The aura of poetry, artistry and romanticism views in about one another, even if just breathe.
In photography I love the most opportunity to capture what the naked eye can not see. Showing the limits of is my knowledge, crossing the boundaries of reality, finding alternative worlds where reigns the beauty, sensitivity and smell of flowers is the goal of my work.


With the passion I use light and emotion to capture the true beauty, the most important  words and true love is present in this special day that is your wedding.
I want you to always be able to return to thoughts of love smallest gestures and glances, immortalized in my frames.I

Guarantee that in the future you will be happy to go back to their wedding photos in an album and show them the next.

I like to travel, so if you dream of outdoor session, wedding abroad, we can go there Solar vineyards of Tuscany, volcanic island and it’s small archipelago of Santorini, romantic Paris or the more exotic corners of the world-international plain air is a great idea for a unique approach and interesting adventure.

I love weddings, because contrary to appearances, each one is different. Fabulous, magical just yours. That’s why I’ll be very pleased if  you let  me become a part of it.